Reality Media

Development of the Immersive version of the book is behind due to pandemic-related delays, but some spaces are available. Additional content will be added through mid-2022.

This digital version of Reality Media is a complement to the printed book (shown to the right). The digital version has both 2D and 3D forms. The 2D and 3D sites are organized as a collection of galleries; in the 2D site these are pages, and in the 3D site they are 3D spaces that allow you to get inside AR and VR—to inhabit these new reality media. Each of the 2D pages has a corresponding immersive 3D gallery space.

The Preface explains the concept behind the project and gives an overview of the structure of the 2D and 3D spaces, and how they relate to the chapters in the printed book.

The immersive galleries of RealityMedia are organized around a central rotunda. The rotunda contains an overview of each immersive gallery along with a portal to each gallery. The rotunda serves as an organizational hub and can be accessed from each of the immersive galleries.

Links to the 2D galleries of RealityMedia are listed below. These pages provide context for your visit as well as links into the corresponding 3D galleries (the portal symbol indicates a link into a 3D gallery).

We encourage you to enter the 3D galleries from the 2D pages below, but if you want to go directly to the 3D spaces, you should begin the 3D experience in the Arrival Hall onboarding area, through which you can access the Rotunda.

After you are familiar with the experience you can go directly to the Rotunda.

Please remember that in order to enter the immersive 3D galleries yourself, you will need to first create an account and login. If you are not logged in, links to the 3D galleries will not work.